Written Histories

Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society is pleased to provide access to several articles written about our local past:

Characters of Early Sturgis & Meade County (publication that replaced History Day 2020)

Double Murder from Sturgis History

In the year of 1902, a couple of young men from Sioux City, Iowa, located on a homestead in eastern Meade county, South Dakota, and there…Read more

History of the Erskine School written by Nancy Keffeler

Sturgis, also formerly known as “Scooptown”, was founded on October 25, 1878. The town is located 1 1/2 miles west of Fort Meade. At the time…Read more

Sturgis from Black Hills Illustrated - 1904

One of the most progressive towns of the Black Hills country is Sturgis, which might be said to be about an hour from…Read more

Court Proceeding related to Grasshopper Jim

Plaintiff brought this action to enforce an alleged oral contract wherein it was agreed that plaintiff should inherit and …Read more


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