About Us

Founded in 2014, the Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society is the result of a cooperative effort of people within the local community who are dedicated to preserving and relating the history of the area. The official mission of the Society is to “Preserve, protect and promote Sturgis and Meade County History.”

Interest in the formation of a countywide historical society was originally generated by an associated Facebook Page which was started by Stacey Nickelson, who continues to administer that site. Marty Beug was one of the prime motivators in the formation of this Society but tragically passed away before he was able to see the result of his endeavors. His legacy has become a prime motivation to all involved with the Historial Society. 

Officers of the Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society include:

  • Mark Rambow – president

  • Ross Lamphere – vice president

  • Kris Hubbard – secretary

  • Janice Lundgren – treasurer

Board of Directors are Jim Holland, Betty Jo Huff, Joan Bachmeier, Jan Lamphere, Richard Moeller, who is also membership chairman, Kathi Schneider, David Super, and Linn Hendrickson.


You can become a member or Business Sponsor of the Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society online.
You can also make a valued Donation.
Your support is essential in our efforts and is highly appreciated.