As part of a business membership, the following are offered:

  • Business Membership/Sponsorship will be listed on the website Sponsors Page and mentioned on the Facebook Page which currently has almost 4,800 members.  

  • The fees for Sponsors are tax deductible.

  • Google AdWords is being used so that site data will come up as a display ad whenever a user searches for terms such as Sturgis, Sturgis history, South Dakota, Old West, etc. This gives business sponsors more exposure as well.  

  • Sponsors will be recognized at all events as promoting historic preservation through their civic participation and attendees at these events will be urged to patronize the businesses.

  • Cost of Business Sponsorship is $250 per year.

You may signup online to become a sponsor. For your security, we use PayPal as our credit card processor.

For more information contact:

Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society
P.O. Box 221
Sturgis, S.D. 57785

Your support is greatly appreciated.


The Sturgis & Meade County Historical Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Therefore, sponsorships and donations are tax deductible but membership dues are not.
The mission of the Historical Society is to preserve, protect and promote Sturgis and Meade County history. This cannot be accomplished without the public's help through memberships, sponsorships and donations. Thank you for your support.